Attention: There is now a $2000 limit on the amount of funding which may be requested per scholarship.

Please read through the FAQs before submitting this application.


Scholarship applications under $300 are reviewed each month on the 15th. All applications for scholarships over $300 are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Applicants will be contacted no later than the 25th of the month.

Quarterly Deadlines:

  • January 15
  • April 15
  • July 15
  • October 15

Budget & Letters of Support

As part of this scholarship application form, you will be asked to attach a budget for your requested funds. (See budget example.) You may also wish to make your application more competitive by providing letters from teachers and/or retreat centers. Please have these documents ready before you begin the application to avoid losing progress while filling out the form.


Please Read the policies and procedures relate to the application before completing this section.

  • Basic Info
  • Retreat Information
  • Finances
  • Meditation History
  • Convince Us!

Basic Info

How did you hear about Open Dharma Foundation?

Email address

What is your name?

Where do you live?

What's a good number for you?

Retreat Information

Tell us about the retreat you would like to attend. Include website link (if available); city, state, and country where retreat will be held; and list the retreat location.

What is the start date of the retreat?

What is the end date of the retreat?

What type of retreat are you attending (Note: ODF Does not support solo retreats not facilitated by teacher)

If you selected other above please explain.

Have you been accepted to the retreat you would like to attend? (If other, please explain)

If you selected other above please explain.

Do you have the Teacher's statement? (You may attach this on Step 5.)

Are you willing to write a statement (1 to 3 pages) after your retreat describing your experience and how the funds from ODF assisted you?


I have read the grant policies and procedures, including the section on how to report my finances.

What is your financial need?

If you selected other above please explain.

What is the cost of the retreat? (without factoring costs of transportation and any financial assistance you will receive)

What is the maximum you can contribute from your own pocket for the retreat cost?

Are you receiving financial support for your retreat from other sources? ( e.g. retreat center or teacher)

Does someone else claim you as a dependent?

How much money do you need to attend the retreat? Please include a grand total below. This means everything on your budget, including $50 per full day payment to the teacher, minus the amount you can pay for yourself.

Please upload a budget for your expenses. A sample budget can be found on the application page.

How much income did you report on your taxes last year?

What's your current monthly income?

How much money do you have in liquid assets?

Is there any reason that the amount of income + assets you have is not indicative of your ability to pay for the retreat? Examples could include dependents (taking care of children, elderly parents, etc.) or living in a high-cost city.

Please include a link to the retreat below. If no link is available, please include retreat information, ex. location, facility, teacher, etc.

Meditation History

How many retreats have you attended?

Have you ever left a retreat early or been asked to leave? If so, why?

How often do you meditate?

How long is your average meditation?

How long have you been practicing meditation?

Convince Us!

Why do you want to attend this retreat? How do you expect to benefit from it?

Why do you believe you deserve this scholarship?

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you? (optional; special circumstances should be explained here)

Supporting Documents

Budget for your requested funds

Letter(s) of support from a teacher and/or retreat center