About Us

Open Dharma Foundation is a scholarship fund for silent meditation retreats. It exists in order to provide individuals from all over the world with scholarships for silent meditation retreats who without financial aid would be unable to access sustained, intensive practice. If you are someone interested in meditation who wants to explore the depths of practice available through silent retreat and are in need of financial assistance, the Open Dharma Foundation is here for you. 

Meet the Board

We are a group of meditation instructors and practitioners whose lives have been radically transformed by the practice of meditation. Retreats have been essential to deepening our practice and building our community, and we want to make deep meditation experiences accessible to all, regardless of means.

We are a group of funders, professionals, practitioners, and teachers who believe in opening up this experience to everyone.

We are a global community of meditators, and all are welcome.

The Open Dharma Foundation was started by Dr. Tucker Peck, who, in the middle of a potentially fatal illness, decided he wanted to start such a foundation in his memory. When he made a full recovery, he decided not to wait.

  • Tucker Peck

    President of the Board

    Tucker is a meditation teacher and Clinical Psychologist. He studied meditation first with Sharon Salzberg and then with Upasaka Culadasa, who approved Tucker to teach.  He lives in Alameda, California, an island in the San Francisco Bay.

  • June Lin-Arlow


    June Lin-Arlow is a graduate student studying community mental health and clinical psychotherapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She is passionate about building equity and improving access to mental health care for traditionally underserved communities. Before this, June spent 10 years working in the tech industry doing marketing and product development.

  • Jeff Grizzard

    Executive Director

    Jeff Grizzard is the Executive Director of the Open Dharma Foundation. He is a dedicated practitioner of Buddhist Meditation. He lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife Molly and dog Mabel.

  • Jim Irving

    Communications Director

    Jim is an engineer and community organizer living in Seattle, Washington. As one of the founding members of the Seattle Pragmatic Dharma Society, he hosts biweekly meditation discussion forums and group meditation sessions, as well as organizing retreats. His current work involves facilitating the growth of meditation groups through outreach and effective use of social technology. Jim is our Communications Director.

  • Noah Starbuck

    Outreach Director

    Noah Starbuck is a recruiter in Seattle. He has recently enjoyed helping facilitate a range of urban meditation meetups devoted to pragmatic, open discussion of practice. His own practice has focused on anapanasati, gladdening the mind, noting, conduct & aligning all aspects of life with insight. His vision is for deep meditation practice to become available to as wide an audience as possible in scalable & authentic ways. He is in charge of outreach for the Open Dharma Foundation.

  • David Battan

    Board Member

    David Battan is Executive Vice President and General Counsel of a large financial services firm. He is a 1990 graduate of Duke University Law School and served in senior positions at several federal financial regulatory agencies. David currently serves on the Board of Directors of two federal securities exchanges and has also served on various advisory committees for U.S. regulatory agencies.